Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Wood Grain Laminate Sheets

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June 10, 2022

When it comes to renovations or construction, a large amount of time is spent picking out the types of materials you would use for treatments such as feature walls, furniture woodworking, backsplashes and so on. Once you have your design idea, the execution will rely heavily on the materials used and at the same time, this can affect the overall cost, as well as the look and feel too.

So, read on to find out what you need to know about laminate sheets, wood veneers and N Veneer.

Wood Veneers: The Most Expensive Choice

First, let’s talk about wood veneers. Wood veneers are a popular material used in woodworking that are utilised for furniture production, as well as for treatments on floors, walls and ceilings.

But what are wood veneers? Are they real wood? Well, sort of. Wood veneers are when paper thin layers of real wood are applied on a hard surface such as plywood. Details such as the grain patterns or colour are then emphasized to bring out the characters of the real wood that is used. Essentially, only the surface layer is real wood.

However, these wood veneers are soft and may break easily. Additionally, it is not fire resistant, while it may stain and scratch easily. Also, it is water absorbent and is among the more expensive choices compared to laminates or N Veneer. The average cost of wood veneers in Malaysia is roughly between RM200 and RM800 per piece (size: 4×8), depending on the type of wood veneer. The price may rise if the wood veneer requires more workmanship such as tuning or coating, among other treatments.

Wood Laminates Sheets in Malaysia: The Cheaper Price Alternative

Laminate sheets, on the other hand, are a printed surface made to imitate the look of real wood. They are usually made with two different types of papers that are then soaked in plastic and melamine resins before being hard-pressed together. Laminate sheets are used for furniture application as well, just like wood veneers. But because these laminate sheets are not real wood, they may look artificial and are missing natural wood grain variations that you may find on wood veneers or N Veneer.

However, laminate sheets’ prices can be affordable but may range as costly depending on the brand, compared to wood veneers and N Veneer – the laminate price in Malaysia is roughly between RM60 and RM1,200 per piece (size:4×8). But one of the benefits of choosing a laminate is that you have various choices of colour possibilities but unfortunately, these are non-customisable and may break easily as well. It is also waterproof, heat resistant and flame retardant. Of course, if you go with the cheaper alternative, you may have to compromise the durability as laminates have a shorter life span.

N Veneer –  A Better Choice Than Wood Laminates & Wood Veneers

Finally we have Naxos Veneers, which are known as N Veneer. N Veneer is wood derivative which means just like wood veneers, it uses a thin layer of real wood that is then applied to a wooden base such as plywood. However, N Veneer is a hybrid veneer which uses a mix of both wood veneers and laminate sheets – think of it as wood grain laminate sheets.

N Veneer is an evolution of high quality and eco-friendly laminate sheets in Malaysia that are easy to recycle. It is composed of decorative papers that are appropriately treated and backed with multiple layers of vegetal papers, as well as plastic film. It uses an exclusive patented technology known as CLPL® which stands for Continuous Low Pressure Laminate.

CLPL® is a N Veneer technology which is capable of top performance and impressive aesthetic results for a wider, as well as more detailed range of applications from simple wooden panels to complex components.

Additionally, N Veneer sheets or foils are thin, flexible and versatile as with CLPL® technology,  it behaves better than common laminate sheets – this means N Veneer has greater flexibility compared to common wood veneers or laminate sheets as it can be easily applied to wood surfaces, including those with curves or designs such as fluted panels.

Made in Italy, N Veneer is also customisable as you can opt to combine different wood species and materials with various surface finishes according to your desired specifications. Additionally, it has a  synchronised wood grain surface to recreate the real wood look, feel and design.

So, before you make your final decision, always consider your design. Remember, N Veneer’s flexible and customisable wood grain laminate sheets are probably your best bet.

So, choose Naxos N-Veneer and speak to us at for any enquiries. You can also talk to use about our laminated sheet price or our range of wood laminate in Malaysia today.

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