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FAQs about N Veneer

What is Solid Surface Material?

We first began as producers of Solid Surface Material. Solid Surface Materials are commonly used as kitchen countertops and are man-made. It is a mixture of acrylic polymer or plastic and Aluminum Trihydrate.

What is N Veneer wood veneer?

Naxos Veneer, also known as N Veneer, is the latest generation of veneer sheets and veneer panels. It is an advanced wood veneer sheet that can be used for application in furniture such as kitchen cabinet doors, bedroom wardrobe doors, decorative panelling and backsplashes. It is a high quality and eco-friendly material that adds on to the high gloss and super matte acrylic materials under the Naxos brand. It is the product of a collaboration with a well-known Italian company, Lamitex S.p.A.

What are the main features of N Veneer and as a wood veneer supplier in Malaysia?

The main features of N-Veneer wood veneers is that it is a product of Italy that comes with a 3D texture touch to enhance the "real wood" feel. It is also eco-friendly and non-toxic, while deeply textured with synchronised wood grain pores to follow the grains of the wood itself.

How is N Veneer different from other common wood veneer suppliers in Malaysia?

N Veneer wood veneers are advanced hybrid veneers that are appropriately treated and backed with different layers of vegetal paper and plastic film. You can use N Veneer to replace regular wood veneers on plywood as N Veneer delivers a high-end 3D design that resembles the look, feel, and touch of real wood timber veneers, while also mimicking pores of any wood species that synchronises with the wood veins.

Additionally, all N Veneer is extremely durable, as well as being resistant to scratch, stain and moisture compared to other ordinary wood veneer types or other wood veneers in Malaysia.

What is wood veneer?

Wood veneer is a thin slice of wood that is cut and applied to a core surface to stabilise these wood veneer panels. Wood veneers have been used for decades in furniture woodworking. Apart from furniture, wood veneers can also be used on floors, walls and ceilings too. Naxos N-Veneers is a veneer supplier in Malaysia. However, N Veneer is an advanced hybrid wood veneer with synchronised wood grain surfaces that give a designer-feel of real wood.

What is the average cost for wood veneer in Malaysia?

The average cost of wood veneer in Malaysia is roughly between RM200 and RM800 per piece (size: 4x8), depending on the type of wood veneer. The price may rise if the wood veneer requires more workmanship such as tuning or coating, among other treatments.

What are the different types of wood veneer in Malaysia?

There are many types of wood veneer paper and wood texture veneers. For N Veneer, our wood veneers feature different embossing such as:

  • Dune (an elegant horizontal wave);
  • Frassino (the classic natural surface available in vertical and horizontal);
  • Solchi (a rough array of straight lines available in vertical and horizontal); and
  • Flammato (a natural and irregular relief, available vertically and horizontally)

Nveneer is a wood veneer supplier in Malaysia that uses advanced technology to create various choices from light to dark wood texture veneers.

What are the differences between wood veneer sheet and timber veneer panels?

Wood veneer sheets or wood veneer paper are thin sheets of material that are glued on a solid material such as wooden boards. Once glued on, it becomes a veneer panel. N Veener is also a type of veneer that is known as a hybrid veneer which is customisable as you can opt to combine different wood species and materials with various surface finishes, according to your desired specifications.

A type of wood veneer in Malaysia, N Veneer is known for its high-end 3D authentic real wood look, touch and feel of timber veneer from different wood species, especially because of the synchronised wood grain surface.

How does the natural wood veneer texture feel?

Wood veneer textures are made to mirror real wood and it feels just like wood itself as it is embossed with a wood veneer texture that follows the natural grains of wood. However, N Veneer is an advanced hybrid wood veneer with synchronised wood grain surface that imitates the look and feel of real wood.

What are wood veneers commonly used for?

Wood veneers have various uses. They are commonly used for furniture woodworking. However, they can be applied on floors, walls, and ceilings too.

What are the most popular types of wood veneer in Malaysia?

One of the most popular types of wood veneer in Malaysia is wood veneer plywood. Naxos N Veneer has a multitude of colour possibilities that are a thin layer of hybrid wood fibre veneer foil applied to a plywood base.

Why is N Veneer better than common wood veneers?

Nveneer wood veneer types are customisable, heat resistant up to 160-degrees, as well as resistant to stains, scratches and water. It is lasting, as well as more affordable than melamine or laminates, or ordinary types of wood veneers. Additionally, N Veneer is able to create the natural wood grain feel as it has a synchronised wood grain surface, compared to laminates.

We are experts in wood veneer for walls, wood veneer for doors, wood veneer for table top, wood veneer for kitchen cabinets, and more. Drop us an enquiry for our natural wood veneer, timber veneer panels, wood veneer panels, plus more options at

Why did Starbucks select N Veneer wood veneers for their interior design?

Among our notable projects, several Starbucks outlets in Malaysia have selected to use Naxos N-Veneer wood veneer to create an ambiance and atmosphere that is cosy to ensure every customer feels welcomed. Starbucks chose Naxos N-Veneers to create their unique look throughout their interior after discovering that we are able to cater to their design needs with our wood veneer. Additionally, Naxos N-Veneers were chosen as it was a more cost-effective solution that still offers a premium look and feel with natural, as well as beautiful wood grains.

These are some of the applications N Veneer have implemented to these Starbucks locations:

  • Entrance door handle: The entrance door handles use a light wood veneer texture with N-Veneer to contrast their unique features, while also using these wood veneers to build an environment that showcases elements of nature.
  • Wall decorative strips: They also opted for fluted wood veneer wall panel strips as a decorative touch where N-Veneer was able to wrap their wood strips without gaps and give a feature wall to enhance zen, compared to a plain white wall.
  • Ceiling decorative panel: The stunning ceiling wood veneer panels feature a N-Veneer ceiling design. It allows curvy shapes laminated with a seamless gap from N-Veneer.
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