CLPL® Technology

Thin, Versatile Unique

CLPL ® is an exclusive patented N-Veneer technology.
Learn more about its incredible features and performances.

CLPL®: A Patented N-Veneer Technology

CLPL® stands for Continuous Low Pressure Laminate, it’s a N-venner exclusive technology, capable of top performances and impressive aesthetical results, for a wider and more detailed range of applications, from simple wooden panel to complex component.

Thin, Flexible And Versatile

In terms of performance, CLPL behaves better then other common laminates, granting a perfect adherence and flexibility even on very thin profiles and complex shapes.

Great To See, Great To Touch

When it comes to beauty, CLPL gives incredible sensations, both on the visual and on the tactile side. This makes CLPL one of the more realistic laminates nowadays.

Sustainable And Eco-friendly

Speaking of productive chain, CLPL® turns out to be sustainable, environment respectful during the production and easily recyclable.

Behind every N-Veneer product there is all the experience and quality of a production chain entirely Made in Italy. The strength of a tradition that makes our Veneer ideal for design and interior architecture.

Everything you are looking for in a decorative, can be found in over 65 decorations available. We believe that great ideas deserve great materials.You can opt to combine different wood species and materials with various surface finishes to specifications.


Enhance the tactile sensation of every decorative with a detailed and exclusive relief.

A regular, elegant wave – like relief available in horizontal

The classic natural wooden surface available in vertical and horizontal

A rough array of straight lines available in vertical and horizontal

A natural and irregular relief, available vertically and horizontally

Product Lines

N-Veneer decoratives are available in tree different product lines, in order to better fit your requests. Be sure that the decorative you’ve chosen is available with the format you desire by checking the following icons: