Nveneer Fluted Panel is an ideal design and interior architecture, makes its more visual, easthetic and cos-effective. Industry breakthrough, maximum height can up to 12ft.

2440 (L) x 290 (W) x 22mm (T)
3050 (L) x 290 (W) x 22mm (T)
3600 (L) x 290 (W) x 22mm (T)



Continuous Low-Pressure Laminate Wider and more detailed range of application simple wooden panel to complex component.

Wrapping radius up to 90°.

CLPL gives incredible sensations Nveneer has the same feel as real veneer.

Environment respectful during the production easily recyclable.

What is N Veneer fluted panel?

N Veneer fluted panel in Malaysia is an interior architectural design that uses veneers wrapped around plywood to create thin fluted panels. This wood fluted panel is great as an extra decorative feature in residential units, homes, business premises, and more. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and a cost-effective way to add some interest into an interior design space.

What technology does N Veneer fluted panel use?

N Veneer fluted panel wood uses a patented N Veneer technology known as CLPL®, which stands for Continuous Low-Pressure Laminate. This technology is made especially for fluted veneer panels and offers a wider, more detailed range of applications from simple wood fluted panel to complex components.

What are the benefits of N Veneer fluted veneer panels?

N Veneer fluted panels for sale are thin, flexible, and versatile with a wrapping radius of up to 90°. It has the same feel as real veneer, while also being environmentally-friendly and sustainable as it is easily recyclable.

Are Nveener fluted panels eco-friendly?

Yes. All N Veneer fluted veneer panels are eco-friendly and sustainable as the production is easily recyclable.

What is the average fluted panel Malaysia price?

The average fluted panel price or a wooden fluted panel price is roughly between RM75 to RM90 per square feet. However the fluted wall panels price may vary depending on the fluted panel supplier in Malaysia.

What can fluted wood panels be used for?

Fluted wall panels can be used to create a fluted panel feature wall and fluted panel wall, which gives an overall distinguished look that brings together the interior design of an area. Meanwhile, fluted panels can also be used to create customisable fluted panel design for ceiling wall pattern, feature wall, hidden door, bedroom feature wall, living room feature wall, television cabinet wall, and more. The choices are endless as it can cater to your desired layout

How do you install a N Veneer fluted panel wall?

To create a fluted wall panel in Malaysia, you must first install the first piece of the fluted wood wall onto the back panel of the wall by fixing and securing it with nails. To install the second piece to create your fluted wood wall, you can slot it next to the first piece of the fluted panel and secure it with nails as well.

What is the maximum height of N Veneer fluted panel?

The maximum height of Nveener fluted wood wall panels is up to 12ft.

How are N Veneer wood fluted panels made?

N Veneer fluted panel wood are made using a patented N Veneer technology known as CLPL®, which stands for Continuous Low-Pressure Laminate

N Veneer fluted panel is better than fluted timber panels or MDF fluted panel as it is much more durable. MDF fluted panels are much weaker than wood and can easily crack, split, as well as absorb water. Meanwhile, fluted timber panels may be damaged over time as it is exposed to natural elements – this results in costly repairs, and it can also crack or fade in time unlike N Veneer fluted panel in Malaysia.

Is N Veneer fluted panel good for indoor interior design for homeowner, commercial and industries use. Are they more handy and user-friendly?

Yes, especially compared to other fluted panel supplier in Malaysia, such as series supplies fluted panel. N Veneer fluted panel has three dimensions and are ideal for interior architectural designs, which is visually appealing, as well as aesthetically pleasing. There are four colours of fluted panel to choose from with dark and light variations to suit any room design. The installation process is also much more user-friendly as it is only required to be nailed down. 

The 3 dimensions of N Veneer fluted panel are as follows: 

  • 2440 (L) x 290 (W) x 22mm (T)
  • 3050 (L) x 290 (W) x 22mm (T)
  • 3600 (L) x 290 (W) x 22mm (T)
Do N Veneer fluted panel users enjoy cost competitive products with high esteem fluted panel in Malaysia?

Yes. N Veneer fluted panel are affordable and are of high quality to ensure it is long-lasting on its applications. We ensure that these wood fluted panel are easy to install and can fit almost any design you choose.